Latergram: The Changing Face of Venture Capital

Latergram: The Changing Face of Venture Capital

The content of this talk keeping popping up in my day-to-day conversations…

Hi Folks!

So I did a talk back in April at the Women in Tech Festival appropriately themed “The League of Extraordinary Women.” It was while I was still working part-time helping build Unusual and was running into so many bumps thinking about what my future could look like as a black women, from the South, who attended an HBCU, with no prior investing experience in venture. People still tweet and email me to this day about it so I thought it’d be cool to share. There are three main points in the talk about how we can diversify venture capital:

  1. Consider a person’s perspective that may be very different from you’re own

  2. Think about the skill set you actually need

  3. Reconsider what “fit” means