Megan's #coolcompany Pick: MODSY

Megan's #coolcompany Pick: MODSY

I'll admit, I spend an unreasonable amount of time scouring the web for cool things in the consumer space...but I'm cool with that...

Before going to business school, I was waist-deep in the San Jose housing market attempting to purchase my first home. For context, I was outbid every.single.time. #siliconvalley. But needless to say, like with most home purchases and weddings, I became obsessed with the concept of design. Thinking about how to transform a bedroom, a backyard, or a kitchen, instantaneously became the most fun way to spend my time. Flipping through sites like Houzz or Pinterest, discovering themes and trends were my amateur designer's dream.  

As I'm wrapping up the 2nd year of my MBA, I'm getting the home-buying itch again and have fallen back into my hyper-excitable HGTV mindset.  I stumbled across Modsy as I was checking out a couple of portfolio companies of a few of my favorite VCs. What makes Modsy super cool is that it allows you to visualize furniture you see from your favorite furniture and home brands in a 3D digital version of your home. As you will find on their website, the product works in 4 steps:

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 10.34.53 PM.png
  1. Discover products you love - There's a style quiz that prompts you to select photos of different design themes and room ideas to help match you with furniture that fits your design eye! In the quiz, I appreciated the contrasting visuals and oddly spot-on speculation of my style. I'm "comfortable & minimal" but also "chic & rustic". I'll take it!
  2. Build your room profile - This is where you send the team a few quick snapshots of the room you are designing for, and Modsy will create a custom 3D digital space that replicates your room. Easy enough!
  3. The moment you've all been waiting for - DESIGNING! Now that you've got a visual of your room, you can pop in furniture from your favorite shops like West Elm, Serena & Lilly, and, one of my personal favs, Anthropologie.
  4. And finally, Shop! Once you've selected furniture you love, you can go directly from the site to purchase your pieces. It's THAT easy!

So as you can tell, Modsy is a great product for the new homeowner or the indecisive designer! he cost for the Modsy service $69 per room or, for $199 per room, you can work with a personal designer who can help support you through your process. If you have a moment to spare, check out this #coolcompany pick at the site: Modsy.

I knew they had raised over $12M in their Seed and Series A, but as I was dipping into a little more research for this post, I see they just raised a $23M Series B! Congratulations Modsy Team!