A Black Girl In Venture
A Black Girl In Venture
one woman's journey to become a Silicon Valley investor

This is the Deliverable...

At the end of my time at the GSB, when my internships and coursework are complete, I hope this investment thesis has come together. I hope my vision is clear, my path is set, and the only thing left to do is find someone who believes in it, and most importantly, believes in me. I'll be adding bits and pieces to this every couple of weeks as I funnel down my ideas and interests. Let's put this thing together this year...piece by piece. 


So far, this is what I know to be true about how I'd like to invest (Updated 1/31/18):


Seed, Series A, Series B


I believe in entrepreneurs & teams who adopt a "do no harm" mindset when building their company. Being cognizant of the impact of the mission, culture, strategy, and hiring practices (among other things) all contribute to better businesses.

I believe in entrepreneurs & teams who create goods that make the average person's life better. If it makes wealthier person's life easier, that's great--but for me, that's just an added bonus. Let's create a world where everyone has access to comfort & security.

In the long-term, proving out the idea that investors can receive market rate returns on companies that are "for good." Further, the term "good" doesn't have to be idealized in the literal way we think of it now. It can be a cleaner supply chain, it can be lower emissions, it can be access to economy, healthier food. Let's expand how we think about GOOD work!

Industries/Focus Areas
Consumer Technology
Social Enterprise/Benefit Corps
Financial Technology & Inclusion
Products for Women & Minorities
Underrepresented Founders